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Upcoming courses on the SME Trade Academy in February 2024.

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Competitiveness Through Enterprise Sustainability

This course introduces the reasons for which environmental, social and economic sustainability is important to a small enterprise.

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Start date: 19, August 2024

Duration: 4 hours of study over 2 weeks

A man signing the goods box

Introducción a la Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro

El presente curso introduce al participante a la gestión de la cadena de suministro (GCS) y su importancia en los negocios para manejar las competencias clave y las disyuntivas de aquella gestión.

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Start date: 5, August 2024

Duration: 4 horas en 2 semanas

Imac on the table with glasses and copybook

Understanding the Role of Trade Support Institutions

This course introduces the role of the Trade Support Institution (TSI), the ways in which TSIs are categorised, and the main TSI stakeholders. It details the ways in which a portfolio of services is developed according to the needs of stakeholders, with a particular focus on exporters.

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Start date: 30, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Logistics web

Introduction to International Transport and Logistics

This course introduces small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the basic transport and logistical requirements of export operations, including cross-border sea freight, air freight and packaging procedures.

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Start date: 22, July 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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Taking the Entrepreneurship Route

This course gives aspiring young entrepreneurs a clear understanding of the path of entrepreneurship, the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur, as well as the business start-up process.

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Start date: 9, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours of study over 2 weeks

Resource efficiency and circular production for small and medium businesses

Introduction to Resource Efficiency and Circular Production for SMEs

This course will inform you about the benefits that saving resources, such as energy, water or waste, can offer to your company – both in term of saving costs, developing new business opportunities – and enhancing your company’s environmental footprint.

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Start date: 22, July 2024

Duration: 8 hours over 2 weeks

Laptop, book, phone and pen

New course: Digital Freelance Launch Pad

This course focuses on the online freelancing opportunities available for people in emerging economies. In this course, we will cover everything from the basics of online freelancing to securing your first gig.

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Start date: 7, October 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Dock from above

Considering Export Markets

The purpose of this course is to consider the viability of "going international." It introduces the most important aspects of international markets, as well as the aspects of export readiness for small enterprises.

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Start date: 2, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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